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Sailboat Accident/Weather
June 8, 2009, 10:08 am
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Just writing in this long neglected blog as I’ve been using the identity a lot in commenting on other blogs.

The other day a couple young guys went missing when a “sudden windstorm” flipped their sailboat on Chuckanut Bay. Those of us who are weather buffs were anticipating these gusts from the “Marine Push” that occurs when a dry high pressure system moves east over the  mountains. Cliff Mass, Uof W meteorologist, had been talking about it on his blog since the dry weather started. So on Thursday afternoon, he predicted an exceptionally strong “Push”. After sunset he reported how dramatically it gusted into Seattle and reports were coming in from all over the area. I was commenting, “Huh, nothing here yet…”  when the winds hit Bellingham at around 11:15. Didn’t seem too impressive upland at my place but it probably seemed pretty sudden and strong on the still waters of the bay.

They wern’t wearing lifejackets which is pretty bad to begin with but we’ve all done careless things. Four out of six were ok in the end. Lifejackets are only going to get you an extra 15 minutes in 48 degree water anyway. What seems most unfortunate to me is that they could’ve reconsidered the trip if they’d checked the weather reports ahead.  I started following the weather most avidly when I was backpacking in the mountains a lot. Ever heard the expression “changes like the weather”? Yeah, it can change rapidly. Anywhere, anytime. I crossed paths with one of the boaters not long before they went out. I wish I had known he was going on the water because I could’ve told him strong winds were coming.

Anyway, the point is, if you’re going out on the water, up into the mountains, into the desert, down into the canyons, anyplace isolated from safety and shelter, check the weather. Not the wunderground, not the newspaper forecast or the TV news. Go to the National Weather Service website or weather radio. Check the forecast discussions, even if most of it is unintelligible science-speak it’ll tell you if there’s anything unusual. ” Partly sunny, 75 degrees” tells you nothing. It could save your life.

A Jew on Israeli Agression
January 5, 2009, 3:59 pm
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Better than i could say it.  I was raised Catholic.

Israel is Anti-Semitic
December 31, 2008, 10:32 am
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PalestineI just want to say that I find the actions of the Israelis against the Palestinians appalling. I hope that Obama has the guts to stand against them and support the UN resolutions against Israeli arrogance. Israel stole its land from the Palestinians, stuck them on ever shrinking reservations, continued to steal from the reservations, cut them off from basic necessities and kill civilians in their “surgical strikes”. Every time Palestinians fight back Israel says they are anti-semitic. By every definition I can find the Palestinians ARE Semitic. This makes Israel anti-Semitic. This is a classic case of the abused becoming the abuser, the opressed becoming the oppressor. The Israeli authorities are the new Nazis. I do want peace. I want all the semitic peoples to get along. By coercion if necessary but we must pull our support of Israel. I am rarely inspired to make political commentary but this issue has chafed me for years. I am not anti-Jew, I am not anti-semitic. But I am anti-abuse.

Yes We Did!!! President Obama
November 5, 2008, 1:23 am
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In the words of a friend a moment before Obama’s acceptance speech: “America doesn’t suck!” As the tears welled up in my eyes in the moment of truth, I realized that I had been extremely stressed and irritable all day, trying not to think about the election, trying not to get too attached, too optimisitic, prepared for disappointment. I was set free in that moment. Kudos also go to John McCain for his gracious concession speech; he was back to the old McCain, before he sold his soul to the Republican Party. Maybe he is free to jump out of the game now. I hope so. I am happy not to worry that Sarah Palin could be President by default. Well, mere words cannot express my joy.

I AM A BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL AND IT GIVES ME GREAT JOY TO SEE A SON OF THE OPRESSED FINALLY IN A POSITION OF GREATEST INFLUENCE! I have faith that Obama will not seek revenge but rather healing and reconciliation. This is a great day for America and the world rejoices. We have a lot of bridges to mend. Let the healing commence!

November 2, 2008, 11:09 pm
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Just saw Oliver Stone’s “W”. I kind of felt sorry for the guy. He seems perpetually out of his depth. I have no way of knowing just how fictionalized this story was but it fits with my image of him as a privileged buffoon buoyed by his father’s connections if not his approval. I can believe his faith was a comfort to him in his insecurity. My comment at film’s end was “Whatever happened to that guy anyway?” He hasn’t been in the news much lately. What will happen to him? What will he try next? Running a finance company? Ha! If I’ve ever truly hated anyone it is him and his crew. But I can’t really sustain hatred for a human being even if I despise their actions. His legacy will speak for itself: Don Quixote perpetually jousting at his own demons at great expense to society.

Response To Beatgrl
October 22, 2008, 12:37 pm
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Yo Beatgrl;

I must be a little older because my first radio memories are of Petula Clark’s “Downtown”, “Hello Dolly” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”.
We share the love of NPR. When I was without video and computer KUOW was my best friend. I still listen to Morning Edition when I’m getting ready for work, This American Life and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me doing chores, As It Happens and Diane Ream on the timer when I’m nodding off. I am a junkie, complete with driveway moments and podcasts. I also did the Radio contests in high school; I won Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” and Art Garfunkel’s “Breakaway” from KJR Seattle (but i had speed dial) I was woken up in the middle of the night by War’s “Low Rider” as a teenager.

Now I am listening to crystal clear KUOW on itunes as well as stations in Brazil, New Orleans or anywhere else I choose. And FYI, I got KUOW, KPLU, and KNWR in the mountains, albeit a little staticky, but internet is available in the foothills too.

BTW, I didn’t know you lived in near Chicago and Philly. So did I! In the Navy… I’ll have to tell you about my retro “Haight Street” experience on South St. Philadelphia in 1979.

This is such a long comment, I think I’ll post it as my blog today.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Traditional Liberal Democrat
October 19, 2008, 10:16 pm
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“What I see [in Obama] is a very traditional liberal Democrat, really a throwback — even a throwback before the Clintons, Giuliani said, charging that Obama would engineer a government takeover of health care and strip workers’ rights to secret ballots in union elections.”

Ooh! A TLD! Like Roosevelt or Kennedy. Wouldn’t that be terrible? Socialized medicine? Like our taxes paying for healthcare rather than pointless wars while we fund Insurance companies that deny our claims? I can only wish. Why anyone with less than a $500,000 annual salary would vote for the party of banking and insurance beats me.

Is There Anybody Out There?
October 18, 2008, 10:21 pm
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How about a random stream of popular topics to see if anyone looks? Obama, Osama, Palin, Caribou Barbie, Hurricane Omar, Hurricane Ike, North Cascades, Mt. Baker, SNL, John Stewart, Colbert, Thailand, Chanterelles, Permaculture, gluten-free, greensingles. Hey all these things are relevant to my world.

Ok, its a cheap shot but til I make a few more friends it’ll do.

Last night I went out at10:30 and had a couple Margaritas with a friend. Actually waited til 12:00 for her to show up. It turned out I had a nice time . Saw an old acquaintance I rarely see and caught up a little. I bought a hotdog on the corner in Fairhaven at 2am. Seems more like New York than Bellingham. Only 2 bucks as they were closing. Don’t usually eat hot dogs but couldn’t resist the whole setting. Home at 2:30 and watched a little of the movie “The Visitor” Quite good so far.

This morning logged onto skype and got to chat awhile with a new friend working in Brazil. Pretty cool. Havn’t tested the talking function yet. Going to try it with a microphone and my computer speakers. Like speaker-phone, eh?

I’ve signed up for a few weather blogs. Yes, I am a weather junkie. Hurricanes, windstorms, tornadoes, local weather. Cliff Mass from UW Seattle has a new blog on blogspot,

I always enjoy hearing his analysis on kuow.

Heading out to pick chanterelles this afternoon. Enough of this computer crap. Let’s go outside!

Alan Moore, Watchmen and Swamp Thing
October 13, 2008, 5:57 am
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I’m currently re-reading The Watchmen graphic novel in anticipation of the upcoming movie. In reading the sequence on the blue Dr. Manhattan’s sojourn on Mars, fabricating a place for himself, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels with Moore’s earlier Swamp Thing episode, My Blue Heaven, in which a blue Swamp Thing fabricates and populates a blue world to keep himself occupied. Has anyone else noted the similarity and has Moore ever referred to this theme in interviews or essays?

October 11, 2008, 5:02 pm
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My friends T & K had a housewarming last night, finally, after two years. Got to see a bunch of old friends. Lots of good memories. Lots of laughing over past incidents, like the time I took a group of friends to a “free dinner” I “won”, sat through a fire safety spiel and switched name tags to mess with the presenter. Drank Paisano wine with Jeff and Polly to commemorate our appreciation of Steinbeck’s novel TORTILLA FLATS. Christina reprised her famous crying baby imitation (milk curdlingly realistic) and joked in her hilariously sick and wrong (and totally loving) way about her child, the fruit of her loins. Was up too late and watched the latest installment of Sarah Connor before bed at 2.

I realize sometimes that there are people that I am always so excited and happy to see and I rarely see them. Maybe the rarity is what makes them so special.



October 10, 2008, 4:47 pm
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I was watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles when I chose the name. Thus, Natural-lator. Oh, well… : )

Good Morning
October 10, 2008, 4:45 pm
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Where does the time go. Compooter make me late for work. Yipes!

Emerging Into The Digital
October 10, 2008, 3:54 am
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On the High Divide

Well, I’ve had internet in my home for 1 day now and just getting the hang of this. I’ve been blogging infrequently on (which seems to be going down the tubes) and am ready for a more frequent correspondence with the world. My biggest impediment is my meager typing ability. Perhaps that will improve with practice.

The header photo is from Boulevarde Park in my adopted hometown of Bellingham. All of my best photos are on film. One day I will scan more of them but for now I will post a few.

Today was an ordinary day: gluten and dairy free waffles for brekky, work selling and moving recycled construction goods and furniture, scored the mirror-less medicine cabinet I needed, leftover chantrelle pasta for lunch (homemade), bought non-dairy ice cream for the crew with a tip from a customer, deep-cleaned the bathroom because it smells better that way. Tacos for dinner with fresh cherry tomato salsa, cabbage and garlic from my garden, peppers unbelievably good from the frosty garden. I like my foods fresh, organic, homegrown or wild when possible.

Now, waiting for a phonecall from an old friend who is visiting California from Ireland so it is not as long-distance as it might otherwise be.

One more tidbit: Love Obama, disgusted by Palin.

Bye for now.

natchrl8r (Just Rich if you know me)

Back For A Spin
July 20, 2010, 8:46 am
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I havn’t posted here in awhile and I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say but just wanted to flex the blog muscles as i’ve been following a couple blogs lately. Two blogs I am quite fond of now are Cliff Mass Weather Blog: and  What Makes You Think I Have Cats?:

Cliff Mass is a Meteorologist at the University of Washington who writes mainly about Pacific Northwest Weather, updating information on current interesting weather phenomena and explaining for the layman the processes involved in creating our weather. It is often helpful in getting tips for what to expect when you’re planning outdoor actiovities and just learning how to read into the weather reports yourself. Cliff also likes to write about developments in Math Education, which I find boring but apparently other people like that sort of stuff.

What makes You Think I Have Cats? is a blog of stories, observations and humor from a sharp wit. She makes her day to day office interactions look hilarious and mundane at the same time. Her blog also features an advice column from a psychic named N’3lvra  (pronounced “Khortnee”, the 3 is silent…) Check it out.

One other blog I check out during hurricane season is Jeff Master’s Wunderblog on Weather Underground: I have a fascination with natural phenomena aand enjoy the up to date analysis of hurricane developments impacting North America and the processes of formation, trajectory and effects.

I will try to check in here more often if I am feeling inspired. Not that anyone is listening but perhaps I will find enough to say to attract an audience.

Signing off;



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