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Emerging Into The Digital
October 10, 2008, 3:54 am
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On the High Divide

Well, I’ve had internet in my home for 1 day now and just getting the hang of this. I’ve been blogging infrequently on (which seems to be going down the tubes) and am ready for a more frequent correspondence with the world. My biggest impediment is my meager typing ability. Perhaps that will improve with practice.

The header photo is from Boulevarde Park in my adopted hometown of Bellingham. All of my best photos are on film. One day I will scan more of them but for now I will post a few.

Today was an ordinary day: gluten and dairy free waffles for brekky, work selling and moving recycled construction goods and furniture, scored the mirror-less medicine cabinet I needed, leftover chantrelle pasta for lunch (homemade), bought non-dairy ice cream for the crew with a tip from a customer, deep-cleaned the bathroom because it smells better that way. Tacos for dinner with fresh cherry tomato salsa, cabbage and garlic from my garden, peppers unbelievably good from the frosty garden. I like my foods fresh, organic, homegrown or wild when possible.

Now, waiting for a phonecall from an old friend who is visiting California from Ireland so it is not as long-distance as it might otherwise be.

One more tidbit: Love Obama, disgusted by Palin.

Bye for now.

natchrl8r (Just Rich if you know me)


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Welcome nachlater. natcherl8r. natchrl8tr. Uh, you blog name is too hard to spell????

Comment by beatgrl

But I won’t hold it against you, RichC

Comment by beatgrl

hi cutie!

that photo is SO *you*.

but what were you doing up and on the computer at close to 4 in the morning, you sillyhead.

when is Barter Faire?

i’m still hoping tribe will buck up. i don’t like it as much anywhere else.


Comment by LoLa

You noticer, you, Lola! I may have been slightly intoxicated after the men’s Baby Shower (did you think we were cooing over cute diapers?) and a brand new internet access was in my face. Yes, that is so me! And the Barter Faire is tomorrow and I’m not going this year. Too expensive. Too bad the weather is supposed to be perfect there this weekend. (Insert slight wahh.)

Comment by natchrl8r

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