Sidewalks and Wilderness: A Naturalists's Notes

October 11, 2008, 5:02 pm
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My friends T & K had a housewarming last night, finally, after two years. Got to see a bunch of old friends. Lots of good memories. Lots of laughing over past incidents, like the time I took a group of friends to a “free dinner” I “won”, sat through a fire safety spiel and switched name tags to mess with the presenter. Drank Paisano wine with Jeff and Polly to commemorate our appreciation of Steinbeck’s novel TORTILLA FLATS. Christina reprised her famous crying baby imitation (milk curdlingly realistic) and joked in her hilariously sick and wrong (and totally loving) way about her child, the fruit of her loins. Was up too late and watched the latest installment of Sarah Connor before bed at 2.

I realize sometimes that there are people that I am always so excited and happy to see and I rarely see them. Maybe the rarity is what makes them so special.




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rarity friends are so special. you just cant lose them. I feel happy to see your photo. It says alot about you. Glacier perhaps?

Comment by rheta

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